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29 Oct 2018

Free Flight Ramblings - October 2018

Free Flight Ramblings

There was a reasonable turnout for the final round of the Peter Spalding Memorial contest which took place on Saturday 20th October.  Bert Whitehead, one of Peter’s flying buddies and the first to win the trophy, put in an appearance along with first-timer and stranger to me, Brian Jackson.  Both took away prize money.  The events were for A1 glider, P30 rubber and ½ A power which had been scheduled for 20th June but postponed due to strong winds.  It was a bit on the cool side and breezier than forecast, but on the whole a good flying day and I set a max of 120 seconds for all three disciplines.
None of the four contenders in the A1 maxed out and winner Graham Percival clocked a three flight total of 266 seconds with his Dab.  Graham was honest enough to tell me his model did not meet the minimum weight requirement for an A1, but I took it on my shoulders to allow him to compete with it.  Second place was taken by Ian Hibbert flying an Amethyst for a total of 189 seconds.  Terry Bailey only made one flight of 46 seconds to take third place with a Druid.  Fourth contender Reg Kinsey campaigned a Vic Smeed designed Golden Wings which has offset tow hooks to counteract the offset rudder.  Reg is not a fan of the idea as the model failed to unlatch from the tow line and broke up on hitting the ground.
Two of the six entrants in the P30 rubber event recorded maxes and I’m sure that both could have achieved further ones, but the long retrieves put them off applying full turns to their motors.  New man Brian Jackson put up a three flight total of 314 seconds, which included a max, to take first place with a John O’Donnell designed Teachers Pet.  I thought it rather appropriate that second place was taken by a Peter Spalding designed Plane Jane flown by David Leeding, who also recorded a max in his total time of 278 seconds.  David was fortunate to get in three flights as the tailplane parted company from the model during its D/T terminated first flight and it took a prolonged search by himself and timekeeper Reg to locate it.  At least they did find it, which was more than Terry Bailey did at the last contest when his went astray under the same circumstances.
Bert Whitehead failed to max but took third place a mere 8 seconds adrift of David with his own-designed Octo-gone.  The competitors I would have put money on in placing could only take fourth and fifth.  David Taylor had a good first flight of 100 seconds with a Spencer Willis design, but poor second and third flights, to place fourth with a total of 48 seconds, but did improve to put his Tubular Bustard into fifth place with a total time of 189 seconds.  Final placing was taken by Ian Hibbert campaigning an untrimmed Speckled Hen which didn’t give the appearance of a contest winner.
Not a lot to say about the ½ A contest.  David Leeding was the only entrant and he crashed and smashed a Calypso Cub on an initial trimming flight.
So who takes the trophy for 2018?  You’ll not be surprised to learn that it’s once again IAN HIBBERT who accumulated 19 points to take the shield for the third time in the six years that the competition has been running.  Had Graham Percival competed in some other discipline apart from glider, he could well have won as he came a close second with a total of 16 points.  Other placings were:-
3RD David Leeding (13);  Equal 4TH Reg Kinsey / David Taylor (12);  6TH Brian Howell (10); 7TH Terry Bailey (9);  8TH Brian Jackson (6);  Equal 9TH Alex Godden / Bert Whitehead / Ken Weedon (4);  12TH Mike Chapman (2);  13TH Howard Smith (1)
I have taken the liberty of booking us a Christmas dinner at Woodland Waters for midday Saturday 15th December, during which I’m looking for the trophy donor, Peter’s daughter Louise, to present Ian with it.  As is now usual, they require pre-booking of your choices from the menu which is not currently available, but I will get it published as soon as I receive it.
Finally, I’m not sure that I’m allowed to advertise in these pages, but here goes.  I have 50-plus aircraft diesel engines that I wish to dispose of, ranging in size from .15cc to 3.46cc, which includes the complete ED range apart from the Pep.  If you think I might have something you’d like, give me a call on 01529 305408 and we can haggle over a price to suit us both.  Somebody else wishing to sell something is Bill Cox, who has a Pymruyter tracker complete with three bugs.  If interested, give him a call on 01775 767599.  That’s it for now.
11 Oct 2018

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29 Aug 2018

Free Flight Ramblings - August 2018

Free Flight Ramblings

The second of the Peter Spalding trophy events took place on 11th August, having been postponed from 28th July due to inclement weather.  The wind was variable in both strength and direction and some showed concern at where I had set up control at the south end, west of the control tower.  Although there were many long retrieves, only one model left the airfield to be recovered from Michael Beard’s farm, so I think Walter’s advice proved correct.

It was a pleasure to welcome a couple of new faces to the contest, Mike Chapman and Howard Smith, both of whom had varying luck in the glider contest which was for vintage/classic designs of any wingspan.  Of the seven entrants, three fielded Caprices, three Lulus and one a Dab, but none of the four that put in times had a full house of three 90 second maximums.  Had he not been the one to end up outside the airfield with his second max and not have time for a third flight, I feel sure that Reg Kinsey would have won with his Caprice.  As it was, Graham Percival recorded two maxes and a 77 second third flight with the lone Dab, to win with a three flight total of 257 seconds.  Reg Kinsey’s two flight total of 180 seconds put him second, whilst newcomer Mike Chapman had a first flight max but dropped his remaining two flights to take third with a total of 176 seconds.  Howard Smith took fourth place with a single max before having his Lulu wings fold on tow.  The last two mentioned chose to launch well away from control and I felt that they both flew in turbulent air as both had wings fold whereas nobody else did despite the gusty conditions.

The rubber contest for 25” span and under had four entrants and a surprise winner, to me anyway, of Brian Howell who recorded two maxes but a poor 29 second flight for a total of 209 seconds with a Topaz.  Contest-orientated David Taylor failed to score a max but did put his Veron Fledgeling into second spot with a total time for three flights of 179 seconds.  Ian Hibbert thought he’d lost his Achilles with a first flight max, but luckily Reg Kinsey came across it and was able to return it, so he was able to put in two more flights to take third place with a total time of 156 seconds.  I’m of the opinion that he could have won as I’m sure his last two flights were on reduced turns for fear of losing it again.  Fourth place went to David Leeding who put in a single flight max with a Cloud Tramp, would you believe.  He was in a great deal of pain from a strangulated hernia and had to leave early.  As he and Ian were the only entrants in the power ratio event, I made the decision to abandon it and returned entry fees.

Points towards the trophy after this second round stand as follows:-  Ian Hibbert and Graham Percival share the lead with 9 apiece;  Reg Kinsey has 7, followed by David Leeding with 6;  Alex Godden, Brian Howell and David Taylor have 4 each;  Mike Chapman has 2, while Ken Weedon and Howard Smith bring up the rear with a single point apiece.

Just a reminder that the third event will take place at Barkston on Saturday 29th September.  All three contests are for kitted designs of any size.  Glider and rubber will be duration events with no handicapping, whilst power will be a three flight precision competition.  I expect a plethora of Caprices and Senators, but have no idea what will be the choice of model for the power event – Veron Cardinal perhaps.  Finally, it’s been brought to my attention that there is a Gala taking place at North Luffenham on 27th October, so I’m bringing the final contest forward to 20th October.  Trust you’ll be able to take part in these last two events that I’ll be promoting.

17 Jun 2018

Congratulations to club member Chris Maggs on his recent Control Line win -

Congratulations to club member Chris Maggs on his recent Control Line win - Sunday 10th June at Nuneaton MAS . Link to CLAPA results

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20 Feb 2018

Model Kits for Sale

All proceeds from the sales will go to G&DMAS

Senior Grantham member Tony Starkey has some kits for sale. I have been asked to circulate the following information.


West Wings by Pro-Scale Limited Classic series. Piper Cub. CNC profiled components 35.2” wingspan.

Flying 1/12 scale rubber powered model kit.


Aerographics Auster J-4 Flying Scale Model Kit, 23” wingspan. Rubber powered.


Flyline Models Inc. The Curtiss Robin 41” wingspan for R/C or Free Flight .049 power.


Mercury Models/Keil Kraft Tiger Moth 33” wingspan. Suitable for 0.75cc diesels.


Ben Buckle Vintage Kit, Mini Super 48” wingspan 3 channel R/C, .10-.20, 1.5-2.5cc diesel or electric power.


Ben Buckle Vintage Kit, Falcon 8ft span, for engines, 3 channel R/C


Any offers?


Please contact Ian Hibbert for further details.



Kindest regards


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